Ron Hogan, the creator of Beatrice.com, a literary blog that’s very popular among writers and readers, asked me to talk about the process of writing a novel in English as a second language.
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“Tales” Noted in The New Yorker!

“In this début novel, guerrillas forcibly recruit all the men in a Colombian village. Lacking their fathers, husbands, lovers, and sons, the women eventually create a model society, with communal property, nudity, and lesbianism. At one point, the older women debate the wisdom of a breeding program to create more men: “Didn’t they remember those creatures with broad-brimmed sombreros that would go drinking rather than stay home nursing a sick son?” The premise is half poignant, half hokey, but Cañón’s strong and simple writing, which is touched by humor and magic realism, never falters, as when he describes the town’s using cornbread arepas as communion wafers, “sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, and, when available, flavored with cheese.”
— The New Yorker

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Tales from the Town of Widows: one of Kirkus Reviews’ Top Picks of 2007 for Reading Groups!

“In our third annual special issue featuring noteworthy book-club titles, we have once again sorted through piles of candidates and have emerged with a diverse collection of books that are sure to inspire lively and earnest—and often, necessary—discussion. In fiction, we present illuminating historical fiction from Alison Weir, Margaret Forster and Ariana Franklin; thoughtful political and social commentary from Louise Dean and Mohsin Hamid; a meditation on love from Orange Prize–winning Lionel Shriver; and a magical debut from James Cañón.”
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